November 27, 2005

Globalsat SDIO GPS Receiver

Posted in Gadgets and toys at 11:44 am by siddey

Taiwan’s Globalsat has released the SD-502 GPS receiver. Designed to fit into your PDA’s SDIO slot, SD GPS receivers have been available for a couple of years, however, this new release is more efficient, compact and rugged than its predecessors.

If you are interested in extending your PDA’s capabilities to the world of LBS, consider one of these devices instead of the more common Bluetooth variety. This integrated option effectively means one less thing to carry around in your pocket (or to lose under the seat of your car). The device comes with 512MB of on-board storage so that you are not deprived of memory capacity (another improvement over earlier GPS-only SD products).

At less than AU$250, this is a good option for extending the life of your existing PDA. Just add map software to get up and running with in-car satellite navigation at less than the price of buying a new PDA based navigation device.


October 22, 2005

Mio my!

Posted in Gadgets and toys at 5:41 am by siddey

UK-based techno gossip website, The Register, recently reported the upcoming release of what I believe will be a category killer mobile device from the current Kings of navigational gadgets, MiTAC International corp.

Take a look at the mio a701 smartphone in all its glory.

As I wipe the drool off the keyboard, I think to myself what a great little mobile phone this is. It comes with in-built GPS receiver, Bluetooth, tri-band GSM and an SD slot so that you can fit that little SD WiFi card you’ve always wanted, making this one of the best products created since the Belgian monks first decided to brew beer. On top of that it will ship with Microsoft’s latest Windows Mobile 5.0.

Just think of all the cool LBS applications this toy will make possible! If you can’t wait for this to be released, perhaps you would like one of MiTAC’s current gadgets at

Update 15/02/2006: Unfortunately SanDisk have recently discontinued their combo Wi-Fi / 256 Mb flash memory SD card due to repeatedly high field failure rates. At this stage there are no alternative manufacturers of a similar combo type product *sigh*.