About that Geo-challenged guy

If you’re wondering what the motivation behind this website is, look no further.

I research and participate in the evolving web, with a heavy emphasis on mobile location based services (lbs) and social media. This disturbing fixation most likely stems from my natural inability to navigate and my 15+ years in the IT industry during which I have been fortunate enough to run my own successful consultancy. Since then I have met many talented technologists all over the globe and for the past 10 years have traversed roles that allow me to research and translate consumer based online technologies into scalable opportunities for the corporate world.

You may occasionally note a slight bias towards Australian views here. That’s because it’s my homeland (originally from Perth, now living in Sydney).

Find me on twitter as @siddey



  1. Lid said,

    Howdy – just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my post at RWW! Went hunting for your name (briefly) couldn’t find it – hate that…

    Also, just HAD to drop in to say – I’m Australian too – but – living in Silicon Valley now (2 years – and MISS Australia). Makes me soooo happy to see Aussie’s taking a decent hold of the blogosphere though 🙂 But, this really comes as no surprise; we always were quite ahead of the game 😉

  2. siddey said,

    Hi Lid,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Another Aussie – great! I’m even happier to see a fellow Aussie publishing on such a popular site as RWW. I like your style & totally agree that we’re ahead of the game in many respects. 😉

    I’d love to make it over to the Valley one day to take in the buzz.

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