May 5, 2009

Android envy – Wikitude augmented reality showcases google’s killer edge

Posted in Articles at 7:15 pm by siddey

Having watched a video demo of Mobilizy’s augmented reality application Wikitude, I must admit the thought of ditching my iphone and jumping ship did cross my mind. With it being already available within the Google android marketplace, it clearly re-inforces the baseline being set for the new generation of augmented reality based mobile applications.

Wikitude - opening opportunities for exposing hidden, location based  meta-data

Wikitude - opening opportunities for exposing hidden, location based meta-data

Similar to enkin and demonstrating that the iphone 3.0 had better come with an in-built compass or it will die, this technology will be the standard means for interacting with and learning about your environment over the next decade. Or at least until the human race makes the leap into cybernetics and starts to implant this into us. At that point in time I hope that I will be comfortably seated in my retirement home, in all my flawed fleshness, watching re-runs of Doctor Who.

For now though, let’s enjoy the ease with which we can now uncover information about our surroundings that spans a growing range of categories. Let’s explore this meta-data and the opportunities it brings for both consumers and producers in an upcoming post.

Until I embark upon the android journey (or until that elusive iphone 3.0 with compass sits in my hand), could someone who has first-hand experience with this application please drop by and let me know your thoughts on – accuracy, reliability, usability and information coverage?