April 15, 2009

Augmented reality mobile apps – the next big thing

Posted in Articles at 3:49 pm by siddey

I’ve written about the ground-breaking augmented reality mobile location based application from the guys at enkin.net before. In fact it’s almost a year in fact since I first got wind of what I think will be the killer application for location based services. Since winning a prize in the Google android developer competition in August 2008 things have gone dark. Rumours abound on posts made to their now seemingly abandoned blog and most of them point towards the dynamic duo behind this tool being employed by google to integrate the technology into the next major release of Google earth mobile.


I believe we will hear some news soon….very soon. Trust me! 😉 There will be another round of Android announcements soon from google and I only hope that amongst those they’re not going to do something silly and only make this amazing technology available for Android mobiles. If they did, it would surely mean they no longer care for their, “do no evil” mantra and have become the new Microsoft.

Please enkin.net – let the whole world have access to the tool that with some help from metadata standards yet-to-be-developed (anybody? somebody?), will expose many dimensions of location based information relevance to us, on-demand and within in our sights. This will begin the next wave of revolution on the mobile web….Amen to that!


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