July 9, 2008

Mobile and home phone convergence reaches AsiaPac

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Seeker Wireless‘ General Manager of Sales & Business Development, Andrew Grill, contacted me this week to let me know that the UK based Aussie outfit has successfully deployed their proprietary sim-based mobile location service technology through Vodafone New Zealand. Called “home zone” in Europe but re-branded “local zone” in the home of the world’s 2nd best rugby team, the service effectively turns your mobile phone into your land phone whilst you are physically located within a certain radius of your home.

Customers will be charged the same rates as they would via their land line. It’s a great service and one that further reduces any residual dependence upon using the landline phones of old.

For more information, Vodaphone NZ have a press release on their site.


July 1, 2008

The race for mobile OS supremacy is on!

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The mobile world is moving faster than ever. Less than two weeks after publishing my assessment that the primary barriers to widespread LBS adoption are being overcome, Nokia have added spring to their steps by doing exactly what I had hoped. They’ve acknowledged that they intend to fully acquire UK mobile OS vendor Symbian and will make the OS freely available to their partners in direct competition to the iPhone and Google’s upcoming Android.

This three horse race is going to be interesting. As I’ve said before, Nokia have been caught sleeping and it will still take some effort to move the Symbian derivatives currently on the market back into a unified platform. Whether the work required to do this and to release new handsets will happen fast enough to maintain developer interest is the new question.

I’ll have to re-consider my bets for the race now. Having previously put Nokia last out of the three, I’d say they’ve moved up into second spot with Apple still ahead by a few lengths.