May 6, 2008

Why location is the new black for social networks

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Chris Messina gets it. I mean, he REALLY gets it!

It’s not about how many friends, contacts or distant relatives you have linked on your social network account. It’s about knowing who lives where and contacting people based upon where they live / work / play etc.

It’s not about who is meeting who in The Valley. It’s about who is meeting who in your town and joining in on the conversation.

It’s not about using your RSS reader to aggregate feeds from a sea of news sites to find out what’s going on. It’s about having all the content relevant to your location, gift wrapped and presented to you.
It’s about your ultimate social service, giving you all of the above without you needing to ask in the one online experience (whether that be a single service or a smooth aggregation of multiple services). 

Ubiquitous support for location awareness within websites, services and networks or whatever you choose to spend your online time interacting with is where it’s heading. Opening up new opportunities to interact more with your immediate locale or any locale that YOU CHOOSE is Web 3.0 (hehe – had to throw in a corny term so that maybe it gains some meaning).

Chris’ article quite eloquently states that online providers must get better at integrating with one another and geo-tagging their content / services / ads etc.


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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words! I still have lots to learn about this stuff, and about location in particular, but I think we’re really coming upon a time when location is something that will quickly be more and more useful as a real application building block for consumer applications.

    We’ll see where it goes, but it’s certainly exciting to be on the cusp of something this big!

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