May 14, 2008

Aussie mapmates service has no platform to stand on

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Michael Robson’s new Australian based venture, mapmates, is by no means travelling uncharted waters. It is essentially another friendfinder application to add to the crowded pool, however, this time around it carries an explicit service charge in addition to applicable carrier data fees. Attempting to charge for such a basic service is a big ask, especially when we’re still currently sore from being financially milked by Telcos when it comes to mobile data charges.

I hate to bag an Australian service, purely because of my bias against always hearing about US based services but I think if Robson is really going to make it a success he should be thinking more in terms of platforms and not services. Friendfinding does not equate to something people would necessarily explicitly pay for and I think that’s evident from the wreckage left by other similar free services.

Adding this as one offering amongst many on a mapmates platform would make more sense. Opening it up to other developers to use your location code and deliver their own widgets is even more compelling. In the meantime, without a broader offer, will people really pay AU$25 for 2000 “finds”?

Time will tell but I don’t believe so.

To bring mapmates in league with our US counterparts, we need to focus more on building platforms and marketing them like hell. The first to really be able to reach critical mass in a geographical locale, in terms of downloads, will have created a mobile distribution channel worth something. Until we have some proof that Nokia or perhaps even the upcoming Google Android OS will give LBS developers out there something to work with that takes the pain associated with porting across multiple mobile platforms away, he who sells / promotes theirs the hardest could just prevail.

A platform that I think has a lot of potential and that has been bubbling away for about a year is Che Metcalfe’s Adelaide based Give them a look-see! They’re evolving a free mobile-based communications infrastructure with an interesting twist and their parent company Kukan Studio is a mobile games developer that specialises in porting mobile applications.

Maybe this is a mapmatch made in mapmate heaven?


May 6, 2008

Why location is the new black for social networks

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Chris Messina gets it. I mean, he REALLY gets it!

It’s not about how many friends, contacts or distant relatives you have linked on your social network account. It’s about knowing who lives where and contacting people based upon where they live / work / play etc.

It’s not about who is meeting who in The Valley. It’s about who is meeting who in your town and joining in on the conversation.

It’s not about using your RSS reader to aggregate feeds from a sea of news sites to find out what’s going on. It’s about having all the content relevant to your location, gift wrapped and presented to you.
It’s about your ultimate social service, giving you all of the above without you needing to ask in the one online experience (whether that be a single service or a smooth aggregation of multiple services). 

Ubiquitous support for location awareness within websites, services and networks or whatever you choose to spend your online time interacting with is where it’s heading. Opening up new opportunities to interact more with your immediate locale or any locale that YOU CHOOSE is Web 3.0 (hehe – had to throw in a corny term so that maybe it gains some meaning).

Chris’ article quite eloquently states that online providers must get better at integrating with one another and geo-tagging their content / services / ads etc.