April 18, 2008

Google’s Android developer competition uncovers serious talent

Posted in Articles tagged at 12:55 pm by siddey

I’ll let this video speak for itself. Give it a few minutes and then let me know if you’re not also blown away by what the guys from enkin.net have managed to prototype. It’s a first look into the next generation of location based services, one that blurs the line between the online world and our real world.

Simply brilliant. I want it.



  1. Wow, awesome find! Very excited, now how do I fast forward a couple years so I can get one?

  2. banyon said,

    Curtis – you’re not alone! It’s such a thought provoking prototype that hopefully Google will throw some big dollars at it and move it along, so we don’t have to wait two years to see it in the wild. If it became a core of the Android SDK, you’d instantly have half the planet working on integrating geocoded data with the real-world in novel ways.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. […] in Articles at 3:49 pm by siddey I’ve written about the ground-breaking augmented reality mobile location based application from the guys at enkin.net […]

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