March 18, 2008

Perth residents take Google Transit for a ride

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Jetsetting into Sydney today for their Australian media conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that the online giant’s first deployment of Google Transit in the southern-hemisphere will be in Perth, Western Australia. Perth’s Transperth transit authority has been a leader in Australian public service LBS for a few years now, with their Journey Planner service able to accurately schedule journeys including bus/train/ferry numbers, accurate running times and maps. With a relatively mature level of GIS permeating throughout the Western Australian Government’s infrastructure, no doubt Google has found it a straightforward process to adapt Transperth’s services to their own.

Of course, regular readers will be aware that Perth is my hometown, so it’s especially pleasing to see more LBS action taking place there than on the east coast of Australia. 🙂



  1. Although it kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, i dont think too many existing Transperth customers will take the Google road. The existing system works, i’ve never heard anything bad about it so theres not really a catalyst for using Mr G.

    Didnt realise you were from Perth either. Your about page is rather lacking, more info please 🙂

  2. banyon said,

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Yes, I’m an ex-Perthite now living in Sydney, hence the reason for the blatant plug / link to your excellent blog. 🙂 You’re demonstrating to the uninitiated that although WA is geographically very isolated, it’s up with the leaders in terms of leveraging the potential of Online GIS-enabled services. I think WA is especially capable in the area of GIS which your blog demonstrates.

    You’re absolutely right that for Perth people the Google announcement won’t make a difference for now but rather it’s a catalyst for them to bring the remainder of the states on-board. After all, I expect their logic is to start with the tech-ready states first to get their delivery processes ironed out, then tackle the other ones later.

    You may not be their target demographic. 🙂

    If I am overseas or interstate and was planning an Aussie trip, however, it would be good to simply go to a single Google service to plan my detailed itinerary across states.

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