July 17, 2007

Incubate those ideas – a site for budding LBS entrepreneurs to gain an audience

Posted in Articles at 8:02 pm by siddey

Cambrian House has been around for about a year now and since it’s inception it has demonstrated an ability to attract a loyal following of entrepreneurs and “do-ers”. Building on the growing “crowd sourcing” philosophy (otherwise known as the wisdom of crowds) people can submit their business ideas to the crowd for review. Opportunities are available to then meet like-minded individuals to help make your dreams a reality and the site community itself offers a weekly competition, with quarterly financial awards for the highest rating idea.

So for all those budding LBS’ers out there wishing they could find a way to make their idea a reality – join the Cambrian community!


I’ll see you there!


Update 23/05/2008: Well, CH.com has sold their IP to a new crowdsourcing venture called vencorps.com and cambrianhouse.com will cease to exist in 3 months. I won’t go into the details of the transaction (check out their website if you want to), except to say that it does represent the next evolution of the crowdsourcing genre of online services and if you’re a budding entreprenur with a great idea and a willing team but no cash to work with – they can help. Head on down.