August 10, 2006

All relatively quiet on the Aussie LBS front

Posted in Articles at 9:55 pm by siddey

Two months go by and not so much as a whisper of anything LBS related in Australia. After such a promising start to the year, I’ll take the glass-half-full attitude and assume that this means we are only moments away from a big LBS announcement.

For those interested in some of the upcoming handheld GPS units available in Australia, AustralianIT published a write-up this week on some Navman and Mio GPS-enabled units. Of special interest is the Navman Navpix software. Allowing photos to be easily geo-coded, stored and shared Online, so that you can later retrieve and navigate to the chosen location, this is at least a step in the right direction. I would have preferred Navman to make this software publicly available but with everyone nowadays choosing the infamous Dotcom “race to world wide web domination”, it comes as no surprise. When will you learn people? Open things up and new opportunities are just around the corner!

In the meantime, why not dream of what could be and take a look at some recently, slightly-less-than-mobile, Australian Google mash-ups from Google Maps Mania.

Now, back to my dreaming… …..”Google & Telstra in magic mobile partnership” ……”Optus and Google team up”…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz