May 19, 2006

Google maps finally enters the Australian market

Posted in Articles at 8:52 pm by siddey

Well, I've been saying it for some time now. Google had to be up to something! The tremors were starting to increase in strength and today we have finally seen Google maps extended to include Australian road level maps. Surprise, surprise!….they're using PSMA data!

Although not yet covering all of Australia, we're only a short period away from having detailed road level maps across the continent. There is still some work required to bring the search / routing capability online but its surely not far away.

Read more about this significant event in the history of Australian LBS, here on

If Telstra/Sensis aren't already nervous, they definitely should be now! 🙂

If my memory serves me correctly, based on previous Google announcements, we will soon see this joined with Google local and a mysterious local Australian content provider….hmmm….any guesses who that may be? 🙂