April 8, 2006

Sensis on track to clean up the Australian satellite navigation market

Posted in Articles at 3:51 pm by siddey

Today the newspaper, “The Australian Financial Review”, published an article on the growing popularity of both portable and in-vehicle navigation systems in Australia. Heavily quoting various sources at Telstra’s Sensis division (who else could they quote?), the article predicts sales of 150,000 portable units and 60,000 in-car systems during 2006.

Sensis is reportedly seeing revenue increase by 20% or more year-on-year. Unsurprisingly, a representative of Australian retail electronics firm Dick Smith indicates that the increasing popularity is attributable to word of mouth. There is no doubt that location based services are a viral technology. Sensis’ In-Car navigation product manager, Peter Girigs, indicated that the Australian market is growing at about 200% annually. That’s great news for the two providers of street level mapping data in Australia.

Funnily enough, the authors do allude to the fact that Telstra / Sensis has what is bordering on a virtual monopoly in the provision of electronic mapping data. They even went as far to say that they had contacted Australian competition watch-dog the ACCC but word back from their spokesperson was that they had not received any complaints about Sensis and there was no action being taken with respect to reviewing its market position.

Incidentally, I have seen the increasing market popularity represented first hand at the numerous local electronics stores in my area. Where 18 months ago there would have been one or two Navman / Mio products on the shelves, there are now close to five or six different portable navigation system manufacturers.

All of them have Sensis data installed.


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  1. angus said,

    Navteq have driven Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. They are starting to offer out their navigation data set. Good to have some competion against sensis.

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