November 5, 2005

Look at all the pretty colours – LBS visualisation

Posted in Articles at 3:30 am by siddey

As reported by CNN, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have set up electronic notice boards across the campus showing the level of activity at the University’s numerous wireless hotspots. Intended to show how busy each location is, it can also be used to locate students, if they choose to opt-in to the service. What I particularly like is the way they have implemented the visual aspect of the service. Seeing the number of people in any particular location, represented in real-time by a 3D intensity graph (more people, brighter colours), adds a new dimension. Alternatively, maybe it’s just me and my attraction to pretty swirling colours.

Hard at work

Hard at work

Other Unis are delivering innovative LBS applications as well.

I need to lay off the medicine one thinks.


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