November 5, 2005

Geek-centric LBS blogs

Posted in Articles at 2:00 am by siddey

Emerging technologies are always fueled by the initial enthusiasm of uber-geeks. These people are into technology well before the light-bulb goes off for the rest of the world. Evidence of this can be seen in the current level of activity on LBS related geek blogs. Employees from Google, MS and Yahoo! all have blogs that pay a lot of attention to LBS.

In particular, I would recommend you visit Scobleizer as a starting point. Although sometimes reminiscent of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and his now famous, “frothing-at-the-mouth, dancing monkey boy” enthusiasm, it’s well worth a read. If his photo is anything to go by, he may in fact be Steve’s love child, so we’ll put his outbursts down to genetics and move on.

The visitor comments often provide a balanced commentary on the current state of play and the economic or socio-economic issues relating to LBS. Just try not to bring up your lunch every time you see the word, “Disruption!” in an article.



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